1971 Type 2

T2 Cross Over VW Bay Window
1776 Air Cooled Twin Carb
She is a 72 model but built in 1971

Fell in love with here at first site, even though she was a wreck. This was in Sept 2009. Had her restored and was back on the road in March 2010

So full restoration (done badly as we have been finding out ever since
You can now call each other and see information such as Active Status and when you’ve read messages.
First photos ever taken

Same guy we bought it off saw us coming and ripped us off big time. He eventually did a runner and I had to steal the bus back. We then found a top mechanic near us and have used home ever since. He built our 1776 engine.

This engine is now 7 years old and still runs so well. It have covered 35000 mile so far. Had gearbox sorted five years ago too by a guy I have never meant but on through FB.

We started resto two part one November last year. Finished in April this year. It ended up being a new chassis
Body work hopefully end of the this year.

Advice.when buying any classic. If you don’t know what to look for, then take someone with you who does, and take no s**t of anyone.

Fave show. car SOS at the moment

If I could have another VW it would be a RH Drive 23 Window Samba, but that’s Lotto money!