VW Beetle

Name: Dale
Car Model: VW Beetle
Engine CC: 1641cc

Why this car and How long have you owned it? Looked good and was very cheap as the time so I couldn’t resist. Owned it for about 5ish years.

What work have you done on it? (mods, repair, repainted etc…)
Lowered, changed wheels but will soon be changed again for deep dish, interior which is being changed again, body work has been sprayed once but needs a new coat, engine rebuilt including gearbox and narrowed front beam. Few other bits and pieces around the vehicle.

Anything you have learned by owning a VW or tips/advise?
I have learnt more about aircooled owing this bug but what I advise is make sure what ever work is done to do it properly.

Fav Show?
Used to love run to the sun, but fast show, stanford hall vw and Big Bang as I can’t really pick.

If you could have another VW, what would it be?
I do drive a mk4 gti forged but would love to own a prototype v30 beetle from the 1930s as they are so different and extremely rare.

1971 Type 2

T2 Cross Over VW Bay Window
1776 Air Cooled Twin Carb
She is a 72 model but built in 1971

Fell in love with here at first site, even though she was a wreck. This was in Sept 2009. Had her restored and was back on the road in March 2010

So full restoration (done badly as we have been finding out ever since
You can now call each other and see information such as Active Status and when you’ve read messages.
First photos ever taken

Same guy we bought it off saw us coming and ripped us off big time. He eventually did a runner and I had to steal the bus back. We then found a top mechanic near us and have used home ever since. He built our 1776 engine.

This engine is now 7 years old and still runs so well. It have covered 35000 mile so far. Had gearbox sorted five years ago too by a guy I have never meant but on through FB.

We started resto two part one November last year. Finished in April this year. It ended up being a new chassis
Body work hopefully end of the this year.

Advice.when buying any classic. If you don’t know what to look for, then take someone with you who does, and take no s**t of anyone.

Fave show. car SOS at the moment

If I could have another VW it would be a RH Drive 23 Window Samba, but that’s Lotto money!

1996 Polo

Name: Matt Heaney
Car Model: VW Polo
Engine CC: 1000cc
Year: 1996/97

I bought this car as it is my first car, I have loved it since day one and it that most enjoyed thing ever. I have owned it for a month so far. I haven’t done anything yet however I have just purchase some Deep Dish Alloys that I will fit onto the car. I have learned that a lot of people still drive these around and that the shape of it is very iconic. I haven’t done any shows yet of the VW however I will be contending some MK Volts meet ups as well as some meet ups in Milton Keynes. If I could have any VW it still would be the VW Polo as it is such a classic little car

1958 Beetle Ragtop

Name: Wim Dries
Car Model: VW Beetle Ragtop
Engine CC: 1200 Year: 1958

Why this car and How long have you owned it?
Love at first sight and this is the first car I ever bought 14 years ago.

What work have you done on it? (mods, repair, repainted etc…)
lowered the front, BRM wheels, engine rebuilt by abp Belgium, slowly attacking the body to repaint it.

Anything you have learned by owning a VW or tips/advise?
Always carry a tool kit, you might not need it for yourself but it’s always nice to help someone else when they’re broken down.

Fav Show?
Le bug show If you could have another VW, what would it be? I’d have another 412 variant.

2011 Caddy

Name: Kelly Gyenes
Car Model: Caddy
Engine CC: 1.6 TDI
Year: 2011

Why this car and How long have you owned it?

Always loved VWs and grew up with parents and family owning Bay Windows. Had a couple of Golfs since learning to drive. My dad has a T5 and he has been pestering me for years to get a van so I can tag along with him and his partner camping round Europe. I didn’t think I would be able to afford a bigger van and as there is only me, I felt a bigger van would be too big, especially as my daily run around. I finally got ‘Bee’ end of August 2018. I didn’t want a plain white or black one so looked for a colour that would make me stand out!

What work have you done on it?   (mods, repair, repainted etc…)

My dad has been slowly converting it in to a mini camper for me. Bought it as an ex works panel van. Bulkhead has been removed. Insulation in and carpeted. Bed and cupboard built. Lighting and wiring put in.

She’s had to have a new injector and new master cylinder and new tyres so hopefully that’s enough mechanical stuff for now!!

Anything you have learned by owning a VW or tips/advise?

They’re money pits!! Despite making full use of my newly purchased breakdown cover, I wouldn’t want a different car. Having friends in the know is always very helpful!!

Fav Show?

Haven’t been to any recently but I do enjoy going to Bug Jam and VW Action at Santa Pod.

If you could have another VW, what would it be?

I would love to own an old Beetle or Split Screen

1970 Beetle

Name: Wendy Searle
Car Model: Beetle Engine
CC: 1200
Year: 1970

Why this car and How long have you owned it?
I’ve always loved the classic Beetle but never thought I’d own one! I’d see them at the shows and occasionally on the road but it wasn’t until I joined Volks Junkies (we have a T4) that I thought I’d take the plunge! It took a while to find. I was looking for one around the same age as me and, unlike me, running without too much urgent work required. I was also on a limited budget. Eventually this one popped up on Facebook last November and a week later I had my first ever experience of driving a Beetle bringing ‘Suggs’ back to MK from South East London. He didn’t let me down then and (touch wood!) hasn’t yet.

What work have you done on it?
I’m a novice and have to learn everything! After getting the car mock MOTd to make sure he was safe to drive (!) Lots of the easier cosmetic stuff – ariel, door cards, bonnet and lid seals, wiper arms, headlights, indicators, cleaning upholstery etc and an emergency fuel line repair (Thank you again Nigel!) I’m now moving on to the bigger stuff as and when I can afford it!

Anything you have learned by owning a VW or tips/advise?
‘Dubbers’ are a great group of people. Its a pretty diverse group of people that love their vehicles. They are supportive and the best source of information out there – there is always someone that had had that happen to them before!

Tips or advice?
I’m no expert but I’d say remember to enjoy them! Remember why you chose an old VW. Yes they cost money and time to keep going. They can stop working at a moment’s notice with a new fault just after you’ve fixed the last one but they look great and put a smile on your face even if your just driving to work.

Fav Show?
Difficult because Ive been to quite a few and they all have their good points but the cruise down to and along the beach at VanWest is great. Not a show as such but Run the Ring is a smashing charity event with Dubs of all shapes and sizes filling/jamming up the M25.

If you could have another VW, what would it be?
Well we have a lovely T4 as well as the Beetle so I guess a Notchback please.

1964 Splitty

Meet Moses, He is a 1964 splitty, it has a very strong 1600 engine.

He started his life in California as a church bus owned by the Nazarene church. A company called Rust box found him in a scrap yard and went about modifying him.

Here is a quick list of some of mods that were done before he was imported,
Lowered on dropped and flipped spindles,
Adjustable front beam,
Raised steering box,
Adjustable rear spring plates

I know the guy who owned Moses before I got him and I new how sold it was. So I begged stole and borrowed the money to buy him, this is were my story starts.

When I got him the first thing I done was get the gearbox rebuilt as the syncro on 2nd gear was knackered so decided to have a taller 4th fitted which is great for motorway driving.

We had the steering box rebuilt so it doesn’t steer like a boat now, We fitted a cyclops light as I have always love the look of them on a splitty.

Me and Fran ripped out the inside and went about brightening him up with the help of a ebay job lot of Beeno comics.We fitted safari window which are great but leak,Auto fire extinguisher, New carpets, front seat, brake servo which is amazing, US spec bumpers,

We go to as many show as we can and would drive him anywhere but my two favourite shows are bus fest and Skeg Vargas.