VW Beetle

Name: Dale
Car Model: VW Beetle
Engine CC: 1641cc

Why this car and How long have you owned it? Looked good and was very cheap as the time so I couldn’t resist. Owned it for about 5ish years.

What work have you done on it? (mods, repair, repainted etc…)
Lowered, changed wheels but will soon be changed again for deep dish, interior which is being changed again, body work has been sprayed once but needs a new coat, engine rebuilt including gearbox and narrowed front beam. Few other bits and pieces around the vehicle.

Anything you have learned by owning a VW or tips/advise?
I have learnt more about aircooled owing this bug but what I advise is make sure what ever work is done to do it properly.

Fav Show?
Used to love run to the sun, but fast show, stanford hall vw and Big Bang as I can’t really pick.

If you could have another VW, what would it be?
I do drive a mk4 gti forged but would love to own a prototype v30 beetle from the 1930s as they are so different and extremely rare.