2011 Caddy

Name: Kelly Gyenes Car Model: Caddy Engine CC: 1.6 TDI Year: 2011 Why this car and How long have you owned it? Always loved VWs and grew up with parents and family owning Bay Windows. Had a couple of Golfs since learning to drive. My dad has a T5 and he has been pestering meContinue reading 2011 Caddy

1970 Beetle

Name: Wendy Searle Car Model: Beetle Engine CC: 1200 Year: 1970 Why this car and How long have you owned it?I’ve always loved the classic Beetle but never thought I’d own one! I’d see them at the shows and occasionally on the road but it wasn’t until I joined Volks Junkies (we have a T4)Continue reading 1970 Beetle

1964 Splitty

Meet Moses, He is a 1964 splitty, it has a very strong 1600 engine. He started his life in California as a church bus owned by the Nazarene church. A company called Rust box found him in a scrap yard and went about modifying him. Here is a quick list of some of mods thatContinue reading 1964 Splitty

1972 Trekker 181

James Tayler Trekker 181 1972 Owned for 12 years. Always wanted one, couldn’t find one previously so had a 914 powered Volksrod buggy. Finally found one so sold the buggy to make way…. possibly regret that! Not done much to it really in the way of mods, just different wheels (still have the originals justContinue reading 1972 Trekker 181

2001 T4 Transporter

Name : Mike Plester Vehicle model: T4 Transporter Engine cc : 1.9 TDYear : 2001 Why this vehicle and how long have you owned it? I had taken a break from camping at shows while my kids were little. Then got back into it in 2008 when I went to the British Volkswagen Festival. Wasn’tContinue reading 2001 T4 Transporter