Volksworld 2019 Report

By Mike Plester.

It was an early start to get to Sandown Park for 8am on the Saturday. Those who haven’t been before, this show has been going for a long time!

It is held at the famous Sandown Park horse racing track in Esher, and used to be run by the folks that brought us the Volksworld magazine. It’s now run by the publishing company that own Volksworld magazine, and apart from Dub Freeze, it’s the first big show of the year. The show runs over a Saturday and Sunday with camping available for those who could brave The elements.

This was our first Club Display at a show, and had to be in place before the gates opened to the public. We all lined up in our designated area by the grandstand and did some last minute polishing. Some of our friends were on other club displays near us. Herts VW Club and Wolfsburg Weed Huggers. Couldn’t help but notice, our display was the only one in this area that had water cooled vehicles in it. I had checked with the organisor’s beforehand and they said it was ok.

As always with Volksworld show, it was a bit cold, being in late March. But a lot of the show is indoors, inside the racecourse building. The quality of the VW’s inside is always second to none, and this occasion was no different.

There’s also plenty of traders in attendance and an auto jumble upstairs. It can get very busy inside, so it’s best to get there early. On the racetrack side was the club display area for the smaller clubs whilst on the paddock side was the larger clubs like Wolfsburg Bus Crew and Lowdown Transporters. The Slippers the Split van was also in the paddock banging out the tunes.

The car park is always worth a walk round. It’s here that you’ll find the vehicles for sale area. We thought overall it did seem a bit quieter than previous years. I don’t know if that’s because the format of the show hasn’t changed since it started 30 years ago. It could do with a revamp in my opinion. We still always go, but I think that’s partly because after a long winter, I can’t wait to get out and see some VW’s again.

Would I recommend it? It’s good for a day out and to pick up the parts that you need for your projects. And it’s always a reminder that show season is back again.

Dubs in Wonderland Show Report.

19-22 April 2019.
By Mike Plester

This was the first camping trip of the year for us, and what a glorious Easter weekend it turned out to be. Roasting hot weather over the whole weekend, and it was also the first official MK Volks Junkies Club Camping pitch.Previous club camping had been joint ventures with other clubs.

The adventure started with the slow slog up the M1, M6 and M5. We arrived around lunchtime on the Friday, which seemed to be a popular time to arrive as we had to queue for about an hour and a half, which gave us time to have a chat with a few people and have a drink. We eventually got into the pitch around 3pm and started setting up.

This show is held in the grounds of Himley Hall. It’s a stunning location for a show. Our pitch was in a woodland area, only 2 minutes walk to the show gates and next to a beautiful lake. There were 16 of us on the Junkies pitch with 7 Dubs. A Bay, a Type 25, 3 T4’s, 2 Golfs and a couple of caravans.

The show had 3 music areas. The main stage, which was open air, the dance marquee and the Tom Dibb stage. We sat and watched the Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark tribute band on the main stage who sounded great. We then checked out the trade areas. There was quite a lot of them. Maybe around 50, and a few food vendors. There could have been a few more food options I felt.

It was whilst we were having a walkabout that we came across the Tom Dibb stage, which was a small set up which consisted of a T25, a gazebo, a couple of guys with an amp and some instruments, and some bean bags on the floor. We stayed here a while. It was very chilled out. Also on the Friday we caught The Nutty Boys on the main stage who did all the Ska classics. Plenty of drinking took place and some of our group paid the price during the night.

The Saturday had a small Show and Shine for early Bugs and Golfs. On the main stage was tribute bands from Coldplay, George Michael, Green Day and Michael Jackson, as well as their surprise guest Toya Willcox. We also caught one of the break dance displays in the dance tent which was very impressive.

Later in the evening the dance tent had the Slippers the Split DJ van providing the dance classics. That went down very well. The theme of the weekend’s fancy dress was Alice in Wonderland, and there was some great costumes about the place, including our very own Mick and Lynne, and Wano and Sally with their kids.

The Sunday saw the main Show and Shine. I lined my T4 up with the rest of the Dubs. It was a good standard of vehicles, and a lot of them too. Some amazing Splitys, a steam punk airbrushed T4, an insanely modified Beetle and a mint Type 3 notch among the many on show. We all lined up in the main field which was in between Himley Hall and the lake. Can’t stress how stunning it was there. Being Easter weekend, we all got to stay on the Sunday night too. That evening we saw The Jam tribute band and that pretty much was us partied out.

This was the first Dubs in Wonderland Show, and I think it will only get bigger and better next year. Well worth the money and a great way to spend the bank holiday weekend. I’d like to thank all that joined us in Club Camping and well done to all at Dubs Collective for putting on a great show.

VW Beetle

Name: Dale
Car Model: VW Beetle
Engine CC: 1641cc

Why this car and How long have you owned it? Looked good and was very cheap as the time so I couldn’t resist. Owned it for about 5ish years.

What work have you done on it? (mods, repair, repainted etc…)
Lowered, changed wheels but will soon be changed again for deep dish, interior which is being changed again, body work has been sprayed once but needs a new coat, engine rebuilt including gearbox and narrowed front beam. Few other bits and pieces around the vehicle.

Anything you have learned by owning a VW or tips/advise?
I have learnt more about aircooled owing this bug but what I advise is make sure what ever work is done to do it properly.

Fav Show?
Used to love run to the sun, but fast show, stanford hall vw and Big Bang as I can’t really pick.

If you could have another VW, what would it be?
I do drive a mk4 gti forged but would love to own a prototype v30 beetle from the 1930s as they are so different and extremely rare.

1971 Type 2

T2 Cross Over VW Bay Window
1776 Air Cooled Twin Carb
She is a 72 model but built in 1971

Fell in love with here at first site, even though she was a wreck. This was in Sept 2009. Had her restored and was back on the road in March 2010

So full restoration (done badly as we have been finding out ever since
You can now call each other and see information such as Active Status and when you’ve read messages.
First photos ever taken

Same guy we bought it off saw us coming and ripped us off big time. He eventually did a runner and I had to steal the bus back. We then found a top mechanic near us and have used home ever since. He built our 1776 engine.

This engine is now 7 years old and still runs so well. It have covered 35000 mile so far. Had gearbox sorted five years ago too by a guy I have never meant but on through FB.

We started resto two part one November last year. Finished in April this year. It ended up being a new chassis
Body work hopefully end of the this year.

Advice.when buying any classic. If you don’t know what to look for, then take someone with you who does, and take no s**t of anyone.

Fave show. car SOS at the moment

If I could have another VW it would be a RH Drive 23 Window Samba, but that’s Lotto money!

1996 Polo

Name: Matt Heaney
Car Model: VW Polo
Engine CC: 1000cc
Year: 1996/97

I bought this car as it is my first car, I have loved it since day one and it that most enjoyed thing ever. I have owned it for a month so far. I haven’t done anything yet however I have just purchase some Deep Dish Alloys that I will fit onto the car. I have learned that a lot of people still drive these around and that the shape of it is very iconic. I haven’t done any shows yet of the VW however I will be contending some MK Volts meet ups as well as some meet ups in Milton Keynes. If I could have any VW it still would be the VW Polo as it is such a classic little car

1958 Beetle Ragtop

Name: Wim Dries
Car Model: VW Beetle Ragtop
Engine CC: 1200 Year: 1958

Why this car and How long have you owned it?
Love at first sight and this is the first car I ever bought 14 years ago.

What work have you done on it? (mods, repair, repainted etc…)
lowered the front, BRM wheels, engine rebuilt by abp Belgium, slowly attacking the body to repaint it.

Anything you have learned by owning a VW or tips/advise?
Always carry a tool kit, you might not need it for yourself but it’s always nice to help someone else when they’re broken down.

Fav Show?
Le bug show If you could have another VW, what would it be? I’d have another 412 variant.