1958 Beetle Ragtop

Name: Wim Dries
Car Model: VW Beetle Ragtop
Engine CC: 1200 Year: 1958

Why this car and How long have you owned it?
Love at first sight and this is the first car I ever bought 14 years ago.

What work have you done on it? (mods, repair, repainted etc…)
lowered the front, BRM wheels, engine rebuilt by abp Belgium, slowly attacking the body to repaint it.

Anything you have learned by owning a VW or tips/advise?
Always carry a tool kit, you might not need it for yourself but it’s always nice to help someone else when they’re broken down.

Fav Show?
Le bug show If you could have another VW, what would it be? I’d have another 412 variant.