2011 Caddy

Name: Kelly Gyenes
Car Model: Caddy
Engine CC: 1.6 TDI
Year: 2011

Why this car and How long have you owned it?

Always loved VWs and grew up with parents and family owning Bay Windows. Had a couple of Golfs since learning to drive. My dad has a T5 and he has been pestering me for years to get a van so I can tag along with him and his partner camping round Europe. I didn’t think I would be able to afford a bigger van and as there is only me, I felt a bigger van would be too big, especially as my daily run around. I finally got ‘Bee’ end of August 2018. I didn’t want a plain white or black one so looked for a colour that would make me stand out!

What work have you done on it?   (mods, repair, repainted etc…)

My dad has been slowly converting it in to a mini camper for me. Bought it as an ex works panel van. Bulkhead has been removed. Insulation in and carpeted. Bed and cupboard built. Lighting and wiring put in.

She’s had to have a new injector and new master cylinder and new tyres so hopefully that’s enough mechanical stuff for now!!

Anything you have learned by owning a VW or tips/advise?

They’re money pits!! Despite making full use of my newly purchased breakdown cover, I wouldn’t want a different car. Having friends in the know is always very helpful!!

Fav Show?

Haven’t been to any recently but I do enjoy going to Bug Jam and VW Action at Santa Pod.

If you could have another VW, what would it be?

I would love to own an old Beetle or Split Screen