1970 Beetle

Name: Wendy Searle
Car Model: Beetle Engine
CC: 1200
Year: 1970

Why this car and How long have you owned it?
I’ve always loved the classic Beetle but never thought I’d own one! I’d see them at the shows and occasionally on the road but it wasn’t until I joined Volks Junkies (we have a T4) that I thought I’d take the plunge! It took a while to find. I was looking for one around the same age as me and, unlike me, running without too much urgent work required. I was also on a limited budget. Eventually this one popped up on Facebook last November and a week later I had my first ever experience of driving a Beetle bringing ‘Suggs’ back to MK from South East London. He didn’t let me down then and (touch wood!) hasn’t yet.

What work have you done on it?
I’m a novice and have to learn everything! After getting the car mock MOTd to make sure he was safe to drive (!) Lots of the easier cosmetic stuff – ariel, door cards, bonnet and lid seals, wiper arms, headlights, indicators, cleaning upholstery etc and an emergency fuel line repair (Thank you again Nigel!) I’m now moving on to the bigger stuff as and when I can afford it!

Anything you have learned by owning a VW or tips/advise?
‘Dubbers’ are a great group of people. Its a pretty diverse group of people that love their vehicles. They are supportive and the best source of information out there – there is always someone that had had that happen to them before!

Tips or advice?
I’m no expert but I’d say remember to enjoy them! Remember why you chose an old VW. Yes they cost money and time to keep going. They can stop working at a moment’s notice with a new fault just after you’ve fixed the last one but they look great and put a smile on your face even if your just driving to work.

Fav Show?
Difficult because Ive been to quite a few and they all have their good points but the cruise down to and along the beach at VanWest is great. Not a show as such but Run the Ring is a smashing charity event with Dubs of all shapes and sizes filling/jamming up the M25.

If you could have another VW, what would it be?
Well we have a lovely T4 as well as the Beetle so I guess a Notchback please.