1964 Splitty

Meet Moses, He is a 1964 splitty, it has a very strong 1600 engine.

He started his life in California as a church bus owned by the Nazarene church. A company called Rust box found him in a scrap yard and went about modifying him.

Here is a quick list of some of mods that were done before he was imported,
Lowered on dropped and flipped spindles,
Adjustable front beam,
Raised steering box,
Adjustable rear spring plates

I know the guy who owned Moses before I got him and I new how sold it was. So I begged stole and borrowed the money to buy him, this is were my story starts.

When I got him the first thing I done was get the gearbox rebuilt as the syncro on 2nd gear was knackered so decided to have a taller 4th fitted which is great for motorway driving.

We had the steering box rebuilt so it doesn’t steer like a boat now, We fitted a cyclops light as I have always love the look of them on a splitty.

Me and Fran ripped out the inside and went about brightening him up with the help of a ebay job lot of Beeno comics.We fitted safari window which are great but leak,Auto fire extinguisher, New carpets, front seat, brake servo which is amazing, US spec bumpers,

We go to as many show as we can and would drive him anywhere but my two favourite shows are bus fest and Skeg Vargas.