A brief Intro to the admins…

Mike Plester
My love affair with Volkswagen started back in 1994 when I would have been 24. I was out clubbing with a friend in central London, when I got chatting to a couple of guys. It was the start of a new friendship, which eventually lead me to relocate from North London to Buckinghamshire.

I now had a whole new circle of friends. Most of which were into Volkswagen. A few even worked for a local VW dealership. I bought my first VW, a blue mark 2 Golf Driver, on which I stuck a set of alloys and a loud sound system.

I went to my first VW show “Run to the Sun” in May 1995. This changed my life. I discovered air cooled VW’s. A couple of months later, we went to Bug Jam, I was hooked. I had to get my own campervan. 
It took about a year to find the right van for me. A trip to the Stonor Park show in 1996. It was a 72 Bay tin top with a Danbury conversion. I knew straight away it was destiny. I sold this van in 2000 (biggest mistake ever). I sold my flat, quit my job and went travelling around Europe with my girlfriend. We bought a brand new Brazilian Bay with a Devon conversion. In 2016 I decided it’s time I had another air cooled vehicle. This time I wanted a Beetle, I went for a blue 71 Bug which has now made way for my next project on a 2005 Beetle.
All in all I’ve owned 15 VW’s to date. My current pride and joy is my matt black T4 which has won 3 trophies so far.

My wife and I recently decided to start up MK Volks Junkies which I run with a few other like minded VW fanatics. What’s great about the VW scene is the togetherness. We often get together with other local clubs for socialising, club camping and meets. I’ve met so many great people through my love for VW’s.

We are all one big Dub family.

James Tayler
Hi I’m James…. I bought my first dub at 18 which was a 914 powered SWB Buggy that used to pull wheelies! Although I worked for VW from 1992 to 1999 and had lots of different company VWs I’ve always had an air cooled Dub in the garage, which is currently a cammo Trekker 181 which I bought 11 years ago with the intention of slamming, painting and making was fast as possible….. still not got round to it! Been a mate of Mikes for 25 years and started chatting about a MK club with him last summer. Mike was the driving force behind getting MKVJ up and running and I was there as his wing man! Apart for my Dub-Love I also have a Soft Top Defender 90 and a Harley Davidson in the toy box… daily is a Range Rover (no prizes for guessing who I started working for after VW).

James Anton
Hi all I’m James. Vw fanatic since day dot having built to many to remember from splittys and beetles to modern t4’s. Currently have a 72 beetle owned by my wife. Our mk4 gt golf and my daily t4 which is also my camper. I work and live classics so if you need technical assistance pm me, or shout at the shows. you can also catch me at the monthly meets or email me at coolclassicsmk@gmail.com

Nigel Holt
Righto here goes…
Hi im Nige..The shy one of the admins group 😉
.Ive owned allsorts of Vws over the years.To many to be bothered to list.And if I did it would make me cry why I dont have them now.My current motor is my T4 TDI conversion.The Zombie bus..THAT is my boys fault
.Ive allways modded my Vws and they allways end up with theme.Thats what i like about Vws.The freedom of expression.Ive allways played in the “outfield” anything wierd wonderful and ill usualy be there.
Im super stoked about this club were doing our best to run.Anything I can do to help our members.See me at a meeting.Come say Hi..I dont bite..And if its RAT im there 😉

Karen Plester
I got my first VW in 1999, a 10 year old black Mk2 Golf GL 4+e. We put a Weber carb on it which made it feel like a GTi. I loved that car and regret letting it go off to the old MK car auctions when I got a company car a few years later. Someone got a bargain that night! Tom Dawson – what’s the reg of your Mk2 project – that would be so spooky if it used to be mine lol.

After that I had a couple of Golfs: Mk3 and Mk4 TDi, and a brief sojourn with a new Polo TSi before getting my now beloved 2002 New Beetle TDi. Our very own Graham Barnett of Auto Electrical Services has kept her running sweet for the last couple of years and long may it continue. She has a psychedelic tie-dye bonnet wrap courtesy of Chameleon, and hot pink banded steels. So now I can’t lose her in supermarket car parks and Mike won’t drive her anymore. Win, win

My only experience of driving air cooled was Mike’s old rat look 71 Beetle which I can only describe as driving in its purest form. I’d driven some bangers in my time but never anything older than me before that! I particularly loved how we used to have to use a bungee strap to hold it in fourth gear!

I drove it to Bug Jam a couple of years ago and felt like I’d come home. Bug Jam was my first show and will always hold a place in my heart. Gotta love a bit of roller disco!

Since we started MKVJ (bet you thought the MK stood for Milton Keynes – nah, it was Mike and Karen lol) we’ve met so many great people and love the extended local Dub family that we’ve been welcomed into.

So here I am, the token female admin and we’ve also got a sub-group dubbed JAWs: Junkies Admins Wives, AKA the MKVJ security detail, according to Nigel

If I haven’t already met you at a meet, please come say Hi