1967 – SplitScreen Camper

Owner: Marc Little

I have always loved VWs. My first car was a mk1 Polo going on to a whole string of air and watercooled VWs. But, I always loved the look of the splitty. The unique front panel and huge VW badge always stood out to me.

I bought this from a guy in Wales about 12 years ago of ebay. Well, it didnt reach the reserve price, so I cheekily messaged the seller with a bid after the auction which he excepted.

The drive back from Wales was a butt twitching journey as you never know if your going to make it home when you have no experience of a the car. Anyway, it drove fine and got home with no hassles.

Since then, its had a new paint job (which needs redoing, long story) New bears gearbox, all new break lines, rebuilt redux boxes, refurbed the breaks and beam. Twin 34 ICTS and redone the interior.

Tips? Always do a good inspection before buying. Keep it looked after. Beware of scene tax!.

I would say Standford Hall is my fav show. Though havent really been to many for a few years. Santa Pod has been off my radar for some time. Its not like the old days anymore.

I would love my next VW to be a 356 (ok, its a porsche). But I am thinking about buying another bug. So hopefully a pre 67 beetle.